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Truyện cười Tiếng Anh

The Eight

Joe was going into his usual bar before lunch when he saw a poorly dressed man fishing in a small pool of rain water about five centimeters deep outside it.

Joe stopped and watched the man for a few minutes. He saw that most of the people who passed by him believed he must be rather mad.

Joe pitied the man, so after a few minutes he went up to him and said kindly, “Hello, would you like to come into the bar and have a drink with me?”

The fisherman was delighted to accept his offer, and the two man went into the bar together. Joe bought the man a few drinks and finally said to him. “You/ve been fishing outside here, haven/t you? How many did you manage to catch this morning, if may I ask?”

“You/re the eight,” the fisherman answered merrily.

 (from Funny Story)